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Send home-buyers directly to all your listings with one QR code

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See How It Works


How it works

At Scanr, we recognize that efficiency is key in real estate. Streamline your marketing with a single QR code, engaging buyers instantly with the information they seek.

Scan & Discover

User scans the QR on the listing sign.

Geo-Intelligent Results

Scanr verifies user location and property details are instantly displayed.

Connect with Ease

Interested buyers can effortlessly reach out to the agent.

Time matters.



Outdated QR codes lag at 90+ seconds.



Attention spans last just 8 seconds.



Buyers can access listing details in under 2 seconds with Scanr


Our Solutions

One QR, Endless Applications

Create a Profile

have one place to host all your links in a streamlined, branded interface.

Geotagged Listings

Automatically pull up your listings based on where the scanner is standing.

Advanced Analytics

Make informed Decisions based on the most useful analytics for real esatte agents.


Why Choose Scanr

Simplify Property Promotion and Client Engagement

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Our platform is designed for real estate professionals with ease of use in mind.


Pricing Plan

Simplify Property Promotion and Client Engagement


14 Day Free Trial
Limited time 30 Day Free Trial


  • Custom QR Code DesignsEnhance your brand visibility with personalized QR codes that align perfectly with your brand identity.

  • Real-time Geo-InteligenceOffer location-specific property details instantly, leveraging advanced geotagging technology..

  • Instant Buyer-Agent ConnectionStreamline the communication process between potential buyers and agents for efficient interactions.

  • Performance AnalyticsTrack and improve your marketing efforts with detailed analytics tailored specifically for real estate professionals.

  • Agent Portfolio ManagementManage all your listings conveniently in one place with an integrated portfolio management system.

  • Unlimited ScansOffer unrestricted access to your QR codes, ensuring they are always available when potential buyers are interested.

  • 24hr Priority SupportProvide round-the-clock support to promptly address any queries or issues, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

  • QR Code that Never expiresGuarantee long-term access to your property details and agent connections with QR codes that do not expire.

Create a New QR code today

Never miss the opportunity, create your listings and embed them into your QR code with ease.